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Construction Progress

Construction is underway on dedicated buildings for our Lake Bowen Kids & Students!

Included in this project is a renovated Front Foyer, added parking, and extra storage.

Below you'll find answers to frequently asked questions, and a photo gallery showing construction progress.
Building Fund Progress Bar for Web May_Building Fund Progress Bar for Web Jan 2024 big_Bui


How much will the project cost?

How will the project be paid for?

How much do we average each week for the Building Fund?

How long until the project is complete?

We were debt-free, so why do this?

Don't we also need more classrooms?

Who is going to do the work?

Will there be a need for a new budget to fund this project?

Will the Child Development Center need to temporarily close?

Will large outdoor events such as Fall Festival still take place?

Are the staff and deacons in agreement for this project?

Photo Gallery

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